Kirannidhi Sansthan

Piplantri Model

Our Mission

To create contribution to mother earth by Water conservation, Tree Plantation and Saving Girl Child.

One man’s mission in a village has set an example of reformation. Mission is to educate each girl child born along with nourishing the trees planted on the name of her birth. Also, we see this village to become the role model for all the other villages of India who are still facing several challenges and looking for steps to overcome them.

Another mission is to give birth to the hope in every individual that he can do better with the life for which connecting to nature is necessary.


Our Vision

Vision is to build this planet more beautiful and happier place to live and it all starts with villages."

Providing basic required infrastructure to all the people by conserving water, planting trees and providing better education in the villages. Working on providing employment in the villages to stop migration, vision is to save new born girl child and provide them better education so that they can contribute to new generation; vision is to empower women by teaching those skills and give them employment.

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